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Single Origin

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Why we do what we do

We love coffee and the whole experience behind creating the perfect cup. It isn’t just about trying to get a quick caffeine kick in the morning, it’s the whole ritual.

Not only do we love our coffee, we also love our dogs and, therefore, decided we wanted them involved in our little coffee adventure. Each blend has their name to it and each blend portrays their character.

We also know how important it is to have the perfect bean, the nicest mug, the right milk and the correct machine. A good coffee experience is the sum of all these parts and more and we are excited to bring this to your home.


Our ethos, our promise

At Derwent & Dunne, we believe in the extraordinary power of coffee to connect people, spark conversations, and create moments of joy. Our commitment goes beyond providing top-tier coffee; it extends to our deep-rooted values of sustainability, responsibility, and global impact.

Customer testimonials

The whole family love Oscar's Blend, we are 'strong' coffee lovers and Oscar's Blend ticks all the boxes. Have already re-ordered.

Anna H

Verified Customer

We are loving Bo's Blend in our bean-to-cup machine. It's rich and full flavoured but without the bitterness you sometimes get with a stronger coffee. A new favourite that will be on repeat order.

Helen W & Steve G

Verified Customer

The taste of the Kenyan is as good as the smell - a beautiful coffee with a strong aftertaste. The most important question....which one am I having next?

Stephen C

Verified customer

I've just purchased Bo's Blend and am now an addict! From my morning cappuccino to my afternoon espresso, it's delicious with no bitterness, and is rich and comforting. Will definitely be re-ordering!

Helen F

Verified customer